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Pembinaan Kekal Mewah Sdn Bhd (PKM) has come a long way.  As in all successful business ventures, measurable performance needed to be analyzed prior to implementation. Creative positive thinking, self-driven power and sheer determination have been our greatest assets in our business viabilities.

Taking positive heed of the Government and market driven indicators on privatization concepts, we have managed to put our resources together and capitalize the opportunities.   Attaining to the double concessions Agreement with the Government on upgrading and maintenance of the Municipal and Council roads for 20 years and 10 years period respectively, has been one of our pride achievements.

During the tenure of managing these concessions, we have observed that in the suburban roads, transportation of palm oil fruits had been the State’s booming revenue.   Subsequent proposals were put up to ease the State’s owned agencies encumbrances via means of joint venture in providing new mills and bulking storage as in principals of built operate and transfer.

Having been in the construction industries for the past two decades, observation on past and current development projects as in infrastructure, housing development, commercial and industrial sectors have saturate at certain time frame in the near future..  the current economic scenario based on market demand as we viewed it will be dominated on service industries, and so thus, spurred by the encouragement of the Government to venture into tourism industries, we took on the challenge to acquire a 5 Star down town hotel. As for future ventures, rest assured the Company’s principals of growth had and will always been centered on serving the State’s population, ensuring serviceability that meets with quality.







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