Palm Oil - Mill and Estate

The Dumpas Palm Oil Mill is situated in Dumpas (Km 44, Jalan Kalabakan), Tawau was commissioned on July 2005. The palm oil mill has a running capacity of 45MT/hr to process Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB).

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK) nuts are the two main products that the mill is producing. The palm oil mill is expected to process on avearge of least 20,000 metric ton of Fresh Food Bunches (FFB) per month running on two shifts.

Bulking Installation Facility for liquid palm oil products.

Located at Lahad Datu Port, our Phase 1 installation was completed in October 2003 and started operational in August 2003 and phase 2 was recently completed and began its operation in 2005. With maximum storage capacity of 45,900 metric ton, it provides bulking installation for for Oil Palm Products for exportation to overseas market such as India, China, SE Asia countries and EU countries.