Fleet Management

Present marker players strategies have normal tendecies to minise acquisition especially on vehicle, mechanical plant and equipment. Main reason being focus on problem frequently encounter by high resources allocation needed for maintenance and operation.

Our core business is major in road maintenance, and this category of work comprises mainly mechanical equipment oriented work activities. Also, to ensure constant monitoring of serviceability of these consession roads, thereby prompt the need to procure and maintain such assets in economically justifiable quantities and types.

And to ensure these assets are well kept and in compliance to road worthiness as in safely and workable condiions, a fleet management unit were set up to ensure these assets are properly maintained and minimise downtime.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department was setup in early 2004 to assist, provide support and manage the entire computing infrastructure of over 200 units of workstation and servers within the organization, 8 regional and district offices as well as other subsidaries of multiple nature of businesses throughout the state of Sabah. Highly trained personnel are continuously working together to provide services and support of the highest quality, which in turn contributes to the overall success of the entire company.


The Company has established a Training Unit which was previouly under Project Management but now have been put under Human Resource Department, fully equipped with all the necessary training tools, accessories and equipment for the courses related to the Company's activities.

Each individual Unit Head has been assigned to carry out their respective training courses related to the scope of work. Apart from our in-house staff training, we also provide it to external trainees undertaking work from the Company.

The aim of setting up this training unit is to educate, motivate and upgrade the overall quality of work. Special courses, if needed, are tailored made to overcome problems encountered at work.

Training programs are as follows:

  • Laboratory Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Engineering Survey Unit
  • Engineering Design Unit
  • Reconnaissance Survey Unit and Project Supervision Unit
  • Quantity Survey Unit
  • Production Unit
  • Training Unit
  • Soft Skills